In the face of ever increasing environmental and health and safety legislation, RYL work tirelessly to ensure our clients and the work we carry out meet every compliance requirement.

F-Gas Regulations

Introduced in July 2007, F-Gas legislation requires the owners and operators of refrigerant based systems to take steps to eliminate the emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (HFCs). These include all the commonly used refrigerant gases used in air conditioning, fridges and freezers.

All systems containing more than 3kg but less than 30kg of refrigerant must have a minimum of one maintenance inspection and leak test every year, by an FGAS registered contractor and accurate records must be kept.

We would advise this for all systems to keep them operating effectively and efficiently. Inspections and testing on plant containing over 30kg but less than 300kg must be carried out at least every 6 months, with systems containing over 300kg being checked every 3 months or more frequently if necessary. All RYL’s contracted maintenance customers are compliant with FGAS legislation.

All of our engineers at RYL are trained and qualified to meet the requirements of these regulations.

Many organisations are unaware of this regulation, and RYL provide experience and expertise to help support with managing compliance right from labelling to accurate record keeping.