Tommy Coyle Academy

The Tommy Coyle Headstart Academy specialises in Boxing, fitness for all, personal training and unique programmes for schools/organisations.

About the Project

Brief: To design a system that would facilitate both professional boxer Tommy Coyle and his clients training. Tommy wanted a system that would enhance his training by allowing him to train at a heated temperature so that he could prepare his body to adjust to the conditions in the ring under the lights on fight night. Tommy also wanted a controlled temperature to keep his clients comfortably cool whilst training.

RYL installed, serviced and currently maintain the air conditioning systems at Tommy Coyle’s Academies.

‘I like to keep things local so when deciding which company to use for our air conditioning we were never going anywhere else. I am really pleased with the results and the members love the air conditioning. I have since recommended RYL’s services to numerous facilities and business’s similar to mine’.

Tommy Coyle